Open my eyes that I may see,
Open my ears that I may hear,
Open my mind that I may understand,
Open my heart that I may learn
to give and receive love freely.

 Rev. Dr. Eugene C. Larr (8/13/1927 - 2/23/2006)
a unique blend of the seen
and the unseen, the scientific and the spiritually esoteric.


A thoroughly engaged amateur astronomer and rare orchid botanist specializing in growing jewel orchids from seed. Originally from Oklahoma, his family relocated to Pasadena/CA before he became involved in cryptography in the Navy during WWII. He later studied and held a position in micropaleontology at Caltech, worked as a geologist, and then owned and retired from his optics manufacturing company in Colorado (Larr Optics) which prepared windows and lenses for a dozen space missions like the historically significant Viking I mission to Mars. He relocated to Encinitas/CA in 1969 with his good friend Donald Schwartz. While in the Navy in Oahu/HI, Gene was invited to study with Kaida Yashido Sensei, a priest of a rather esoteric form of Buddhism. Later while in Pasadena, he was introduced to Rev. Jean Bradley, who's classes in psychic development forever changed him.

Rev. Jean Bradley:
St. Michael's Spiritual Church
2005 No. Fair Oaks
Pasadena, Calif., Murray 1-7223

Kaida Yashido Sensei: 
Esoteric Mahayana Buddhist
retreat in Hawaii, which has since relocated to Koyasan, Japan.

Rev. Donald Schwartz (3/13/1931 - 9/7/2010)


In 1973 Gene and Don acquired a church built in 1931 and created an unaffiliated religious organization called the Chapel of Awareness Spiritual Church based on the idea that a golden thread of truth runs through all religious philosophies. It embodied the teachings Gene learned from Rev. Jean Bradley and Kaida Yashido Sensei, as well as his scientific background and most especially his own spiritual practice. The organization was based on a non-dogmatic philosophy of love and a practice of stillness meditation (5 minutes twice a day) and psychic development. A biannual weekly lecture series progresses into ongoing small group classes. Sunday services are provided to the community and operated by a volunteer staff. As a result of Gene's efforts and teaching and with Donald's help, 26 persons have followed his footsteps and been ordained as ministers and healers as of 3/2006.

This 2006 tribute to the late Rev. Dr. Eugene C. Larr is presented by his student and friend Rev. Eric. updated 1/16/2012