Psychic Church Teaches Love In Encinitas

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   ENCINITAS -Twenty-eight years ago, the Reverend Eugene Larr began preaching something that most people hadn't even heard of.
   "It was a very unusual thing to do back then," he said, not that it's so common now. Larr is a psychic spiritualist minister. He claims the ability to see into the future and into the past, including past lives.
   And, through the Chapel of Awareness he founded here five years ago, he teaches about 250 others to do the same.
   "We try to bring about peace of mind," he said, "to see things more clearly. Future events are just approximations that can be changed, but the closer an event is to happening, the easier it is to be seen.
   "If you see something bad is going to happen tomorrow, it would give you the opportunity to step around it. On the other hand, if you see something good, you can make it even better. That is the only reason we see into the future."
   Larr himself began seeing things, "spirits", when he was nine years old. The young Southern Baptist soon turned to Buddhism and later to spiritualism to find the answers he felt compelled to search out. Now 50, the psychic recently recruited his mother to join him as a student in the chapel.
   Spiritualism has been around for decades, but the brand Larr espouses is distinctly different. "There are probably as many variations in the spiritualist faith as in Christian faiths," he said. "Here I think we take a broader view. We see the larger picture of the development of mankind.
   "So many spiritualist churches are like modified Baptist and Methodist churches, using a dogmatic approach which literally turns off a lot of people. We have no dogma at all here."
   Another major difference is that Larr teaches reincarnation "as a tool for evolution. Literally, we are using each life as a lesson," he said. Each lifetime is chosen carefully, he said, down to choosing parents and death.
   "We choose our lifetimes and generally everything about it," he said. "Usually we look at life and see an area we have not explored. As a great example, look at Mozart. Obviously, he came in with something in mind."
   The most important lesson, one that is learned during many lifetimes, is love, he said. "Mankind spends more lifetimes learning that lesson than all the others put together. You can even see that on an intellectual level. If you're truly a loving person, you will build harmony and beauty around you."

   Through meditation, always in silence without chanting, Larr said his students can develop the sensitivity to see into the future or past, or to see their present situations more clearly.
   "Everyone is born with psychic abilities," he said. "It's a matter of fine tuning and adjusting sensitivity. Anyone can do it if they pay attention to these little exercises."
   Larr will be talking about those exercises in San Diego this Sunday, during a weekend convention of psychics, hypnotists and holistic

healers. The convention, which begins this afternoon at 5, will continue Saturday and Sunday at the El Cortez Hotel with admission set at $3.
   The "New Dawn" convention featuring more than 40 groups from Southern California and Arizona, is the second to be held in the last year. The last, held in November, drew mixed reactions from spectators and participants alike.
   Some attacked the convention as "commercial", and Larr agreed that "it was a problem.

   "We have a great many different groups who kind of look upon their philosophies as good business. I just hope there's no ulterior motive such as making money," he said.
   However, he added, "the convention is like an exhibition of what's available. It'll give the people an opportunity of really exploring, and there are some very beautiful people at the convention.
   "Which pathway they follow is up to them," he said. "There are almost as many pathways to truth and understanding as there are people."

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